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Neighborhood Picks for Olympia, WA

Located on the Southern End of the Puget Sound, this city is just minutes away from a state park, a scenic marina, captivating walking tours, and awe-inspiring views of Mount Rainier.


Nestled within Thurston County, Olympia stands as the county’s largest city, boasting a population of 56,510 residents. Over the past decade, Olympia has experienced consistent growth, attracting individuals seeking employment opportunities and fair real estate values. The city’s economic landscape is shaped by prominent employers such as The State of Washington, with a workforce exceeding 20,000, local government entities, Providence St. Peter Hospital, Tribal Governments, and Federal Governments.

In this thriving community, the reported average household income reaches $85,315, reflecting the city’s economic vitality. The demographic landscape reveals a median age of 38, while 78% of the population identifies as White.

Strategically positioned between Portland, a mere two-hour drive away, and Seattle, just an hour’s drive, Olympia offers convenient access to larger metropolitan areas. This accessibility has made it particularly appealing to those employed at JBLM, drawn by the swift 22-minute commute.


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Let’s Explore the Neighborhoods of Olympia, WA

South Capitol Neighborhood. Discover an ideal locale within strolling or biking distance of the Capitol Campus. If you seek a home exuding historical charm or a vintage ambiance, look no further—this neighborhood is tailored to your preferences. While newly developed properties dot the vicinity, the predominant housing options boast exceptional architectural allure and picturesque tree-lined streets. Immerse yourself in the timeless charm of residences in this area, with median home prices resting at $921K.

East Olympia Neighborhood. Populated with diverse property options, ranging from quaint ramblers to homes boasting serene water views and expansive acreage. If you’re inclined towards renovation projects, this neighborhood stands out as the perfect canvas for your vision. Embrace the convenience of proximity to local eateries, fitness centers, and the renowned farmer’s market—a lifestyle that defines East Olympia. Explore the possibilities in this vibrant community, where the median home price hovers around $445K.

Southeast of Downtown Olympia. Embark on a tour through Southeast Olympia and immerse yourself in its unmistakable suburban ambiance. Dating back to the 1980s-2000s, the homes in this area exude a timeless charm. Experience the allure of vast green spaces, broad streets, and an abundance of cul-de-sacs—an idyllic setting for young children to play and families to thrive. Explore neighborhoods like Cain Road, Castlewood, Briarwood, Nottingham, Whitmore Glen, and Holiday Hills, each offering its unique charm. Seize the opportunity to make this serene suburban lifestyle your own, with median home prices averaging $405K in Southeast Olympia.

West Olympia – South/Northwest. Discover the allure of sought-after homes to the South, offering captivating water views. Embark on a tour through neighborhoods like Black Lake, Warren Point, or Budd Inlet, where each residence is a testament to scenic beauty. What sets the West side of Olympia apart is the diverse range of properties it presents. Venture beyond the grand estate properties, and you’ll find the Northwest boasting an array of charming one-story homes, built between the 1940s and 1970s, each echoing a rich historical charm.

As you journey farther West, explore neighborhoods such as Goldcrest, Cooper Crest, Grass Lake Village, Bayhill, and Walnut Park, where suburban living takes on a distinctive character with two-story homes. Immerse yourself in the unique tapestry of West Olympia, where the median home price is a testament to the blend of elegance and history, averaging at $588.


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