Selling a Home April 20, 2022

Spring Cleaning

The weather is getting warmer, and the days are getting longer – and we all say…FINALLY! But wait, you start to notice dust bunnies, streaks on windows, or drink stains on the coffee table. Spring cleaning has always crept up on me, how about you? If you are prepping your home to sell you are automatically packing things up and consolidating, so doing a deep clean will be easier as the room becomes less crowded.

Potential buyers want to walk into a home that has been well kept, clean, and organized – a buyer wants to visualize their furniture and belongs in the space. If the home is dirty or crowded it will be an easy NO for the potential buyers as they walk out of your home. Home Made Simple ( has a great cleaning checklist that makes the daunting thoughts of cleaning easy to tackle with a room-by-room guide.

Happy cleaning!